Boarding Map in New England by Prep Master (Download)

Boarding Map in New England by Prep Master (Download)

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This map illustrates the distribution of prominent boarding schools, including both primary and junior boarding, in the New England region of the eastern United States. The purple color designates 1st tier, green signifies 2nd tier, and orange denotes junior boarding.

The entire revenue from Prep Master's boarding Map is graciously donated to the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation. We appreciate your understanding and support. Due to copyright concerns, refunds for Digital Download products are not available. Thank You. 


탑보딩들이 많이 모여있는 미국 동부 뉴잉글랜드 지역의 보딩과 주니어보딩 지도입니다. 

보라색은 1st tier / 초록색은 2nd tier / 오렌지색은 주니어보딩에 해당됩니다.

Prep Master의  보딩맵 수입금 전액은 초록우산 어린이 재단에 기부됩니다.

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